venture studio

Partner with Cell and co-found a startup.


We collaborate with ambitious entrepreneurs to nurture fresh ideas, develop cutting-edge technologies, and transform innovative business concepts into thriving high-growth companies.


We ideate & validate

Partner with us to explore a thesis or turn your idea into reality. We collaborate with founders to validate startup hypotheses through rigorous market research, industry interviews and proof-of-concept (POC) testing to ensure the viability and potential of each idea.


We build & launch

Having validated and aligned our early hypothesis, we surround you with a dedicated team to help you develop and prototype your product, launch a minimum viable product (MVP) to the market and obsessively gain feedback from potential users and customers.


We invest & scale

In addition to providing fresh capital to the business upon spinout, we support you in securing further funding from external investors and partners, and help you scale by putting the right talent on your radar as you expand the team.

operational support

Cell provides the resources and guidance needed to thrive and scale successfully

Cell's operational support is a game-changer for founders. We help you streamline operations, avoid costly mistakes, and connect with a valuable network of mentors and industry experts. This support means a smoother path to growth, more funding options, and a better chance at long-term success for your startup.

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